Bounce Salon

“The single most important part of the Bounce Experience is the way we make people feel. If I had to sum that feeling up into one word, it would be ‘Confident’.”

-Jennessa Couture, Owner/Founder of Bounce Hair Boutique

We are more than just a hair salon. We are an experience. A place where beauty is not made, it is rediscovered. We want you to leave here feeling like your best self. We are a safe place for learning how to love yourself and embracing the beauty within. We are about heart before hair. 

A salon built around education, creativity and the feeling of being at home. Safe, welcome and at peace. That is where our governing belief in what we call “Heart Before Hair” was born. It is about getting to know who you are, and your journey, before we get to know your hair.

We are Bounce. And we can’t wait to meet you.