What is a Deva Cut?

A Deva cut is a method to which curly hair is cut dry, paying respect to each individual curl by addressing it where it lives. Conventional wet cuts stretch curls, thereby causing the curls to spring up unpredictably and with possible un-even results when dry and worn curly. Each curl is cut bluntly at the end, and elevation is used to create a gradual "cascade" effect. No thinning or texturizing techniques are ever used in this method, each curl is allowed to make a full rotation with a smooth, finished end resulting in a cut that reduces bulk and the curls fit into each other like a puzzle. There is no ‘triangle head effect’ with this method of cutting. 


How do I prepare for a Deva cut?

Your stylist will use our signature dry-cutting technique, so please arrive at the salon with your curls detangled and dry, in their natural state. Prior to your appointment, it’s best to let your hair hang loosely—avoid ponytail holders or clips.


How can I tame frizz without adding products?

Water is your best friend. To tame your fizz it is best to have a water bottle at the ready mixed with a bit on conditioner ( the consistency should be that of almond milk, very watery). Mist your hair down where the frizz in concentrated and glide your fingers down over your hair to smooth. From there you can take individual curls and coil them around your finger one by one…adding water to your hands as necessary. When you are done, scrunch the curls as needed and then let air dry.  Remember, the best way to fight frizz is to make sure on your wash day to "squish your condish". It helps reduce frizz right from the start, then apply your products on wash day when your hair is soaking wet, this is your best frizz defender.


Why are products with sulfates & silicones not the best choice for curly hair? 

Sulfates & silicones are in a good percentage of professional and drugstore products you have in your bathroom right now. Sulfates are ingredients found in cleansers and strip the hair of moisture leaving the hair extremely thirsty. Silicones are ingredients found in conditioners that build up on the hair; they create a barrier to the water that is trying to hydrate your hair.  When the water can’t penetrate, you end up with more frizz because the hair is so dry underneath the layers of silicone (aka liquid plastic). These two ingredients in hair care are detrimental to defined, healthy, frizz reduced curls. On a humid/rainy day, when your hair starts to frizz and expand, it’s trying to reach out for the water in the environment like someone who is dying of thirst in the desert! When you remove sulfates and silicones from your hair care products, your curls can finally get the hydration they need from water during your washing/styling process, and the hair can fluctuate better with the changes in the environment. This results in beautiful, juicy, frizz reduced, healthy curls! 


What is the best way to detangle? 

Detangling with your fingers when the hair is wet with conditioner on it is ideal for best results. Using your fingers allows you to be gentle and know when you are hitting a knot, and you can then take your time to detangle. If you need to use a comb or a brush the “wet brush” is best make sure that you continue to add water as you detangle to increase the amount of “slip” you get, also making sure to begin at the bottom of your section and gently work your way up. being aggressive with brushing will cause the hair to break, creating MORE tangles as the shorter hairs lock up like velcro as time goes on.


How often should we trim our hair?

A very light trim (or as we call “dusting”) is recommended every 10-12 weeks to remove weakness at the ends to maintain length. The benefits of regular “dustings” are that your curl groupings remain intact and healthy to achieve full-length potential. A reshape is recommended every 6 months.


Whats the best way to achieve more volume?

There are many ways to achieve more volume, the first and most important is making sure you have the proper haircut in order to support the desired shape. 

Here are some more ideas: 

  • Removing more water than usual ( even taking some out before you add your products)
  • Raking the products into the hair versus gliding to separate curl groupings and create more “stack” 
  • Using lighter products like foams, or the Devacurl Delight products for weightless moisture 
  • Clipping your roots
  • Diffusing your hair until completely dry 
  • Ask our Guest Services team to schedule you a tutorial to walk you through the many possibilities 


How Long will it take to Detox my hair?

We can start the healing process immediately with our Bounce Back Service. You can see amazing results after just one day!!!


How do I prevent my hair from getting tangled at night?

Sleeping on a satin/silk pillowcase will allow your hair to glide and retain moisture as opposed to when you sleep on cotton, as that is an absorbent material.  The curls keep their form much better when they can glide over the pillowcase on satin.  Sleeping with your hair in a Rue hair tube is helpful for some people, as well as sleeping with your hair in a pineapple (hair gathered loosely on top of your head).  Not only will these sleeping tools help your hair stay tangle-free, but they will also allow you to get multiple days out of your curls without having to re-wash and re-do your hair every day. 


How to get the most curl from your hair? 

Olaplex is a great tool to boost your curls…it’s not just for colour treated hair. A standalone Olaplex treatment can help to rebuild bonds that have been broken due to chemical or heat damage that, if gone unprepared, can greatly reduce the amount of curl you can achieve, it also helps the curls retain more moisture. 

Other Treatments we offer that can greatly enhance your curls are 

  • Melt into Moisture (Ultra Moisturizing)
  • Deep Sea Repair ( Protein ) 
  • Heaven in Hair (Reparative) 
  • Using a diffuser is a huge key to getting more curl out of your hair, as opposed to hood drying or air drying. 


Why is my hair breaking and why won't it grow?

Generally speaking, hair loss or breakage usually has to do with something internal going on within your body. Be it alopecia, thyroid, lack of vitamins, Gluten Intolerance, etc. Check in with your doctor as to why this may be happening. Another reason this could be happening is that dirt and oil accumulate on your scalp and hair follicles, causing inflammation and irritation. In other words, your hair growth has stunted from lack of washing. Prescription: lather, rinse, repeat at least once a week. Another reason could be that the sulfates in shampoos can be drying out the hair and silicones inside conditioners and stylers build up over time can cause breakage and split ends because the hair is so dry inside. Breakage can also come from chemical services like colour, perms, Brazilian hair straightening treatments, and hot tools like curling irons and flat irons. When you start to treat your curls with TLC by reducing or eliminating your chemical services, using sulfate and silicone free products, using your fingers to detangle, and reducing or eliminating your hot tools used on the hair, it will start to grow and/or stop breaking. 


How do I know I have product build up on my hair? 

When your hair starts to be unmanageable with frizz and fly-aways or seems limp and lifeless, you may just have product build-up on your strands. Even good products can build up or weigh heavy on the hair, especially if you've chosen products that are a little too rich for your hair (butter, creams, oils, etc). A Bounce Back Service is the right prescription. Using our Build up Buster for a gently deep clean, followed by one of our treatment masks, can get you back and bouncy in no time 


Why do I lose so much hair on wash day? 

It may seem as though you are losing tons of hair on wash day, but when you follow the curly girl method, you are no longer brushing or combing your hair. It builds up as it falls out and gets caught in throughout the curls and stays there until you finger comb your hair during your next wash day. On average, humans lose 50-100 hair PER DAY, so if you didn’t wash your hair for 3 days, that could be up to 300 hairs you’ll find all over your hands when detangling. If you are noticing excessive thinning, you may have a medical condition that needs attending, or on rare occasion, someone may be allergic to ingredients within the product. In any case, I advise you seek out the advice of your doctor. Also, remember: you MUST scrub your scalp while rinsing out your cleansers as sulfate free cleansers need help to be removed from the hair.