Hourly Services

In order to provide the best experience for our guests, we charge based on an hourly rate

Why an hourly rate?


All services at Bounce are inclusive + gender-neutral. Hourly pricing allows for each of our clients to schedule the time required to receive their services based on their specific hair goals, not based on hair type.

All services are quoted the amount of time needed to achieve your goals ahead of your service. Should we run over on time your price doesn’t change at the time of the service. Your stylist may suggest additional time at subsequent services, or discuss options to maximize the time used.


Our team believes in quality over quantity. We’ll never “double book” services. We truly believe that this is a no-compromise approach to hair. "Double Booking" (taking another guest while your color is processing) will be a thing of the past. All hourly rates are reflective of true one-on-one time with your artist.


Each team member has a unique hourly rate which reflects their experience, products used during service and demand, all of which will be communicated at the time of booking.  Hourly pricing eliminates "up-charges" or "add ons" to your final service price.

No surprises, no gimmicks or gotchas. What if we run overtime? Your price stays the same.


No need to calculate tips; the salon does not accept them. 

Our hourly pricing covers it all.

*should you choose to tip, which is not expected, please do so directly to your stylist

Service Schedule



30 Minutes Dry haircut no wash or style - must arrive with freshly washed, detangled and dried hair, styled the way you want to wear it
1 Hour Short / medium haircut - all hair types 
Curly styling / styling lesson 
1.5 Hours Long haircut - all hair types
2 Hours Single process hair colour
Root touch up
Grey coverage
Full colour refresh
3 Hours Darkening hair colour services
Lightening services
4 Hours Blonding services
5-6 Hours Vivid / Rainbow hair colour
Colour transformations

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Get in touch with us and you’ll find a salon built around education, creativity and the feeling of being at home. Safe, welcome and at peace. That is where our governing belief in what we call “Heart Before Hair” was born. It is about getting to know who you are, and your journey, before we get to know your hair.


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